X-Ray Dog Music

管弦乐服务提供商。 该公司从事为电影预告片、视频游戏预告片、电视宣传片和主流广告作曲和提供背景音乐。

X-Ray Dog 是一个位于加利福尼亚州伯班克的美国音乐图书馆。 他们为好莱坞电影预告片和配乐创作音乐。X-Ray Dog is an American musical library which is located in Burbank, California. They compose music for Hollywood movie trailers and soundtracks.

X-Ray Dog是高端预告片音乐目录,专注于史诗般的预告片风格,通常有现场演奏者、管弦乐队和打击乐。 X-ray Dog 是一个不断创新的标志性目录,它利用预告片音乐中一些最有才华的作曲家、音乐家和制作人,用于目录和定制创作。已经被BMG音乐集团收购。A hi-end trailer music catalog, specializing in epic trailer styles, often with live players, orchestra and percussion. A iconic catalog that continues to innovate, X-ray Dog utilized some of the most talented composers, musicians and producers in trailer music, both for catalog and custom creations.


2022.12.01更新 :XRCD117_Wolf Pack     &    XRCD118_Tooth Claw Toolkit

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